Beeping Egg Hunt

Young boy, who is blind, picks up a beeping egg from the grass, while a girl watchesThe staff of CSDB, along with the TeleCommA group of nine adults pose for a photo. These are the TeleComm Pioneer volunteers. Pioneers, organizes an egg hunt every year, using beeping eggs and plastic eggs.  The technology, within the beeping eggs, enables students, who are visually impaired, to respond to the beep, locating the eggs via auditory cues.  Life-sized bunnies traded plastic eggs, filled with jelly beans, for the beeping eggs. This activity reinforces Orientation and Mobility skills, by relying on effective listening and directionality. The development of good sound localization skills helps children learn to travel safely and effectively, navigating through environments.

Kindergarten students, in the School for the Deaf, participated in the egg hunt with excitement. Students enjoyed racing around the field, searching for eggs with the preschool students, who are deaf, and counting how many eggs they found.

Through this annual event, students who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired and deafblind share the fun of finding eggs together.young children, who are deaf, sint in the grass around many plastic colored eggs.