Creating a Sign

Three males and one female student stand in front of the artroom door.The art class, for high school students who are deaf, created a new sign for the art room door. They worked as a team on designing, creating rough drafts, testing different media and producing the final design. Their assignment was to create a sign that would show through the door window and not allow light to exit the room. They could use any materials, as long as the guidelines were followed. Students explored the classroom and chose materials based upon what they found. They used foam core board for the base material and chose to do a crayon melt background with added glow in the dark paint. One of the students found a how-to video on their device, and the whole class learned the process. They created the word ART and room 123, in fingerspelled graphics. They used clear sheeting to paint on the handshapes and chose to create various skin tones to represent diversity. The students are very proud of their work. If you are in the Stone building, please stop by to check out their work!