“Philanthropy is Phun”

Boy, with a chef's hat on his head, works with popcorn at his table.Group of students pose for a photo with th CSDB Bulldog mascot and two teachers. Four students are wearing chefs' hats.  6th – 12th grade students, with additional disabilities, in the School for the Blind, are studying a semester-long unit on philanthropy. The unit titled “Philanthropy is “Phun” includes language arts, technology, community service, math, and social studies.

Students began the unit by getting a basic understanding of the concept of philanthropy. Students have created a Caring Container, with acts of kindness the students have brainstormed and agreed upon as a class. Students will practice these philanthropic acts at home and at school, throughout the spring.

Students will further their understanding, by focusing on vocabulary words related to philanthropy: community, good character, and volunteering. Students use their vocabulary words to create a timeline of each act of kindness they have accomplished at home and at school.

The next step in the unit engages the students, in an effort to raise money to help a non-profit agency in the local community. Students make and sell popcorn on-campus. All proceeds from the popcorn sales are donated to the non-profit agency the classroom has researched, visited, and voted on. At the end of the school year, students will return to the chosen non-profit agency and present the check to the agency.

Male student poses with a chef's hat on his head