Preschool fall gardening

Preschool boy and girl hold seed packets in front of dirt box. Preschool boy washes plastic vegetables in the sink. Preschool students, who are blind/ visually impaired, have been learning all about the farm! In STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), students learned about the process of gardening. They planted seeds, watered the garden daily, waited for the seeds to grow and then harvested the vegetables. During a gross motor activity, students practiced riding bikes, just like families in some countries do to get to the grocery store.Preschooler rides a tricycle with help from a teacher. In our Theme Center, we washed the vegetables and cooked them into vegetable soup to teach multiple Expanded Core Curriculum skills. In our Literacy Center, we created tactile stories that students explored with their parents during Parent Teacher Conferences. One family shared that their child came home and tried to plant peanut butter in their home garden. It is wonderful to see school and home partnerships supporting student growth, both in and out of the garden.