Science Exploration School for the Blind

Two high school students, one male and one female, dissect organs of a sheep on the science lab table.Middle and high school students, in the School for the Blind, have been “getting their hands dirty”, their minds challenged, and their creativity ignited! High school biology class kicked off the year through hands-on activities with the respiratory and excretory systems! Students engaged in a dissection, which includes the trachea (wind pipe), lungs, and heart. Learners were able to feel the rings of cartilage which gives the trachea its sturdy structure, understand how oxygen flows through the lungs, and even experience how the lungs inflate!

Middle school students, though not yet dissecting, have also been discovering and creating. Each student created a scientific case study, tested why their classmates react to stimuli, and even created a detailed scientific identification system called a dichotomous key! High school students also had the opportunity to visit the Garden of the Gods Park, for an educational, accessible, hands-on field trip learning about our local ecology!