I Spy bulletin board

Boy explores, with his hands, the "I Spy" bulletin board  The I Spy board says, "I'm something that gets stamped, but no foot is pressed on me. In me letters are placed for mail delivery. What am I? Can you find me?" The braille copy is below the written words.“I Spy” is a popular children’s book series. There are photographs of familiar objects, in books, and the riddles list objects to be found by the reader. Playing “I Spy”, the traditional way, the child needs visual vocabulary for familiar objects. Kieva Reynolds, speech and language pathologist, in the School for the Blind, developed an “I Spy” bulletin board. Students enjoy reading rhythmic, rhyming riddles and then searching the board for the described object. The board is completely accessible and a fun new activity to stop and explore, while roaming the hallways. The riddle is switched out, on a weekly basis, to keep the students guessing and engaged.

Boy touches a medicine bottle on the I Spy bulletin board