In Touch with the Orchestra

Girl looks back at the camera from her theater seat. She is sitting near the orchestra, which is performing. School for the Blind students sit in the first two rows of the theater, waiting to hear the orchestra.Students, in the School for the Blind, enjoyed a wonderful experience, at the Pikes Peak Center, watching the Colorado Springs Philharmonic perform a program entitled “Bach to the Future.”  They  learned about the great influence that J.S. Bach had over generations of composers. The students appreciated front row seats where they enjoyed the thrill of soloists playing three feet in front of them.

The education and outreach department, for the Philharmonic, sent a guest speaker to CSDBwhere students learned about fugues and their subjects or themes.  Students utilized Legos to tactually study the melodic contour of these themes and learned how to invert them as well. The highlight for the students was when each of them experienced feeling and hitting a giant gong at the end of the presentation.  Students were able to touch a variety of orchestral instruments, during this presentation and throughout the entire orchestra unit.