White Cane Day

Students, who are blind, sing and play instruments on stage. Two young girls hold hands, dance and smile. Students enjoyed great music from the Bulldog Band, as well as performances by other members of the student body. In addition, Kevin Broussard spoke about his experiences as an athlete who is blind.   Students handed out pamphlets about White Cane Day.Aspeaker onstage wears an Olympic gold medal. The interpreter uses ASL.

White Cane Day is a national observance celebrated every year, recognizing the independence that comes from the use of the white cane and Orientation and Mobility training. White Cane Day also celebrates the achievements and contributions of those who are blind or visually impaired.

A lady paints the face of a young boy.White Cane Day is a highly anticipated event, at CSDB, because of the opportunity it represents to interact with the public and explain the importance of the white cane. Every year, more people come to Acacia Park to eat their lunches and listen to the Bulldog Band play. Over all, White Cane Day was a huge success.