School for the Blind

Welcome to the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, School for the Blind

In the short video above, Principal Jamie Lugo introduces the program goals and objectives for staff and students in the School for the Blind.

Principal Jamie Lugo
Administrative Assistant Kathy Bristol

What’s Happening in January?

January 8th  Professional Development Day for Staff all day / No School for Students

January 9th Students back on Campus / Happy 2018

January 11th CSDB Board Meeting on Campus  

January 13th Children of Color Conference in Colorado Springs

January 14th-16th Foresight Boys Ski Trip at Vail Mountain 

January 15th Martin Luther King Day (No School)

January 17th-21st Crested Butte Ski Trip

January 18th Braille Challenge on Campus

January 19th End of the 2nd Quarter and the 1st Semester

January 22nd-26th NWEA/MAP Testing for Appropriate Students

January 23rd First Night of Parent Braille Classes on Campus

January 26th 1st Semester Awards Ceremony on Campus

January 29th-30th Foresight Girls Ski Trip at Vail Mountain 


Music at CSDB

The Music Program is starting out the school year strong with the following updates:


Bulldog Band:

The Bulldog band at practice.

The Bulldog Band at practice.

The Bulldog Band is prepping for the White Cane Day Rally on October 13th in Acacia Park. We have added a violinist to our band this year and we hope to present three new songs along with our Bulldog Band classics, including our original song “My White Cane.”


Beginning Band

A young man practices on the drums.

A young man practices on the drums.

Our students in the beginning band are working hard on Winter program selections. We are also focusing on music literacy skills using the print musical notation and Music Braille.


The FCEE Class-School for the Blind

The FCEE Classes are preparing to take a trip to the symphony in October. We are also using music time to help reinforce “All About Me” concepts in their classrooms. For example, music is used to help students remember their birthday dates and years.   Students are working with the Quaver Curriculum on musical concepts


The FCEE Class-School for the Deaf

Students in the second grade are working on whole notes, half notes and quarter notes. We also learned vocabulary such as “improvise” and “ostinato.”  Students are working with the Quaver Curriculum on musical concepts

Students practicing with handbells.

Students practicing with handbells.

The Upper Elementary

The Upper Elementary classes are practicing for a performance at the White Cane Day event on Oct 13th. We are excited that they will be singing a song in two party harmony for the community. We are working on tall vowels with good breath support to support their tone quality.  We have learned a lot about singing this past quarter.


The above videos show students learning to stay on topic, listen, and take turns in a conversation. Both videos are described for the benefit of people who are blind or visually impaired and captioned for the benefit of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.