Alternate Friday Schedule

Front Page-include friends Front Page-Use equipment wellThe school year is off and running!  The 3rd through 5th grade students, in the School for the Deaf, are adjusting well to the new routines, schedules, and teachers.

We have completed our first Alternate Friday Workshop (AFS) schedule.  The AFS was designed to provide staff time to address the ‘extras’ that students need in their education.   Academics is a priority and we ensure that students receive focused time in those courses.  In past years, we found it difficult to schedule extra programs that benefit students, without taking time from core academics.  So, we developed designated time for these activities, such as counseling groups, iCAP and advocate work time, and extended time for Project Based Learning activities. The schedule for the AFS is as follows:

1st period = 8:30-9:08
2nd period = 9:12-9:50
3rd period = 9:54-10:32
4th period = 10:36-11:14
5th period and Lunch: Elementary = 11:18-11:40=recess … 11:40-12:14=lunch
Middle School = 11:18-11:46=lunch … 11:50-12:42=5th period
High School = 11:18-12:10=5th period … 12:14-12:42=lunch
6th period = 12:46-1:19
7th period = 1:23-1:56
Student Advocate / Workshop = 2:00-3:30

Our first AFS focus was teaching and learning PRIDE procedures on the playground.  Students were able to describe procedures for the playground then act out the appropriate behavior. Behaviors included play nicely with others, take turns on the equipment, walk across the street, include others in games, and use good manners.   We will continue to have these mini PRIDE workshops to teach and practice appropriate behaviors in different areas around campus.