Air Force Academy Visit

One young man grimaces while touching a human brain. A girl looks on. Four high school students, one girl and three boys, explore the human brain, hands-on.Several high school students, from the School for the Deaf and the School for the Blind, went to the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), for a visit, recently. Clarence J. Wagner, School for the Deaf Junior, expressed, “I was overwhelmed and impressed when I visited the USAFA. One of my favorite activities was to see, touch, feel, and smell the human brain. I also enjoyed visiting the Behaviors Lab. I would love to visit again next year.”

Jack Lambert, School for the Blind Sophomore wrote, “When you go to the USAFA you’ll get to experience something that you can’t find anywhere else: Patriotism. It may not be serving in the military or sacrificing everything you have for your country, but you get to experience what it’s like first hand for some cadets. When you step on base, you get to see and hear the sounds of determination, collaboration. Being able to hear the sounds of cadets talking about their goals, careers, and even their next class; able to see buildings, monuments, and honors presented to them showed me that no matter what age, or rank a soldier, or cadet is, to even what they want to do, they’re willing to risk it all for everyone. That’s experiencing patriotism. At the same time, you get to learn so much about their lifestyle. When I went, I got to see the dorm life, academic programs, and military training programs available to them.Two students, who are low vision, talk to Superintendent Hilty while touching a human brain.

Male student sits in a glider while cadets watch.One program they teach that I admired the most was the glider demonstration. A glider is a type of vehicle that’s meant for the purposes of air sports and demonstrations. A glider has no engine, it’s wings are 60 feet long each, and all together, very skinny. I had the privilege of sitting in a cockpit of a glider and messing with the joystick that controls where the glider’s going, and the acceleration pedal. Sitting in the cockpit of that Glider felt so awesome; cramped, but Awesome! Going to the Air Force Academy was one really cool experience, and I’d totally do it again!”

Male student touches a human brain while a male cadet talks.CSDB students and staff, along with USAFA cadets and staff, pose for a picture.