Anime Club

Six students, who are blind or visually impaired, pose for the photo, showing happy faces.Written by Shaylin Peterson, student in the School for the Blind

Clubs are an amazing way for students to work as a group and have a sense of comradery, within the school. This year, in the School for the Blind, new clubs allow students to explore a wider variety of interests and activities. Anime Club is one of these new additions, giving students, who enjoy the fun of the distinct art style, a chance to be part of an Anime. Additionally, students learn social and technological skills, along the way.

This student-run club allows club members to work together to solve problems, along with planning the club schedule themselves. Anime Club provides a place where students can work on skills that will help them later in life, while doing something that has them engaged and having fun. The club meets the last three Fridays of every month.