Braille Challenge events 2018

Two girls use braille writers during the Braille Challenge.two hands feel the braille on the chartRecently, CSDB hosted a regional Braille Challenge event, in Colorado Springs, and another in the Denver Metro area, at the Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB).  The Challenge is part of the National Braille Challenge sponsored by the Braille Institute.  The competition included Speed/Accuracy, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Proofreading, and Charts and Graphs tests.  Pre-braille learners and students with low vision, who are not braille readers, participated in daily living skill, music, literacy and orientation and mobility activities, with a tactile focus, to celebrate braille.  More than fifty students participated in the competition and rookie activities, on this very special day.

Jamie Lugo, Principal,  welcomed everyone to the Braille Challenge,Mr Dawson and Jamie Lugo welcome an auditorium of participants. in Colorado Springs.  Mr. David Dawson, right, Executive Director of the Audio Information Network of Colorado, spoke about the importance of Braille and motivated students during the lunch presentation.  The Bulldog Band entertained participants, during the closing celebration.

Boy with dark glasses and headphones uses a braille writer at the table.Brent Batron, Youth Program Coordinator, and Julie Deden, Executive Director of the Colorado Center for the Blind, welcomed everyone to the CCB, in Littleton, for the Denver Metro Braille Challenge. Mr. Batron presented certificates to the twelve competitors, during the closing ceremony.

Thank you to our sponsors:  Braille Institute, Humanware, Seedlings Braille Books, Colorado Center for the Blind and CSDB – School for the Blind.  Also, thank you to all of the volunteers and staff members who supported the Braille Challenge and helped make each event positive for everyone.