Brazilian Musicians Visit

Front Page-student playing rhythm Front Page-music group In the CSDB music program, one goal is to expose students to all kinds of music, expanding their appreciation/understanding of different musical genres and multicultural perspectives.  

Recently, the music program, in the School for the Blind, invited two Brazilian jazz musicians, Michael Walz and Leonardo Bandeira, to perform and play with the Bulldog Band.  Students experienced the Samba and Bossa Nova styles of music and performed in a Samba percussion ensemble with our guests.  The artists also shared Brazilian instruments including the Panderio which is similar to a tambourine but played differently.   

When asking students about the experience, one said, “It opened my mind to new kinds of music.” Another expressed, “While Brazilian Jazz isn’t my personal preference, I still really appreciated the music and the talent of the musicians.”   We plan to invite more professional musicians to perform and interact with our band, as the school year progresses. Front Page-drum shot