Deaf Town

Male student uses a computer in the "bank". A boy, girl and adult lady sit at the news team set "KSL".Five 7th and 8th grade CSDB students, joining forty-five other students, who are deaf and hard of hearing, from Utah and Idaho, had first-hand experience, at Salt Lake City, Utah’s Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum’s “DeafTown”.

“DeafTown” is a created learning experience teaching deaf or hard of hearing kids about financial literacy in their own town. Attending students played the roles of mayor, banker, business owner, consumer, and more.  During the event, students learned how to fill out a resume, how to behave during an interview and were exposed to other concepts they will one day need in the workforce. Students were “paid” for their labor and managed personal and business checking accounts. Throughout the day students also learned first-hand about time and money management as they worked, banked and shopped as consumers.
Male student greets visitors into the office area. Female student, wearing a hard hat and vest, stands by construction materials.Each activity throughout “DeafTown” is in the student’s first language, American Sign Language. The Junior Achievement City at Discovery Gateway completely adapted the entire experience to best benefit the students. This was a great opportunity for CSDB students to be with others who are deaf, learning critical skills they will need to be successful after completing high school.Five students stand under the UTAH road sign.