Flat Stanley helps students learn world culture

Three young students, who are blind/visually impaired, dit at classroom desks. One girl is creating a stick doll and tactile index cards. One girl holds her stick doll to show, standing in front of a world travel poster.Family-Centered Early Education (FCEE) Pre-K thru 2nd grade students, who are blind / visually impaired, have been completing activities focused on the character Flat Stanley. Students are working to independently use their learning to gain individualized cultural knowledge related to their state, country, world, and heritage.

In Language Arts and Social Studies, students will study clothing, language, food, celebrations, and social interactions to understand similarities and differences to their own heritage. In addition, they will observe how people in different cultures express themselves through music and movement.

In Science, students will identify the functions of different organs in the human body. In Math, students will identify the most cost-effective and efficient way to travel within their own country and around the world.

The culminating event will include students using technology to create a PowerPoint slideshow. They will demonstrate activities and projects they accomplished, with their personal Flat Stanley.