iAdvocate summer enrichment-2018

Seven students, holding canes, pose for a photo. Students walk by a deer that was visiting the campus. Male student, who is blind, smiles as he feels the braille on a wall sign. Student cracks an egg into a glass.

Students, who are blind, hike on a trail.iAdvocate, the independent living summer enrichment program for students, who are blind or visually impaired (ages 13-16), included activities such as orientation and mobility with some night  travel, socializing, recreation and leisure activities, and an introduction to preparing simple meals.
Students especially enjoyed a night tour of Manitou Springs with a historian, hiking at the Red Rocks Open Space and bowling. When asked their favorite parts of iAdvocate, students commented, “Storytelling, meeting new friends, and making my own meals,”  “Learning skills to be more independent,” “Ordering and paying for my own food when I go out to eat.”

This introductory course to independence covered the Expanded Core Curriculum.