Rocketing through the space unit

Two young girls lie in a tent looking at a drawing of space. Three young girls look through the sensory sand for rocks.The School for the Deaf Kindergarten class has been rocketing through the space unit with awe and discoveries! During math time, we dig through the sand sensory center to find out what goodies are hidden beneath the surface! We have discovered there are different kinds of rocks – Moon rocks and Earth stones! The moon rocks are so light in weight while the Earth stones weigh much more! Students have been sorting and classifying the two and making comparisons, in their science journals. There is a play-tent rocket set up in one of the play centers and a telescope. Each day, students draw one thing they observe, inside the rocket, and label it. This drawing later becomes a writing prompt during literacy time! We are on our way to becoming amazing documentarians! Students also have an astronaut costume in which they can gear up and prepare to launch into space with a buddy! We must practice labeling what the parts of the astronaut costume are in order to be fully aware of why astronauts need special clothing to be equipped for space! Students are beginning to make connections that we live on a beautiful planet called Earth, and if we want to explore other planets we will need a special type of transportation to visit! The students delighted in seeing their addresses typed into Google and finding their homes using the virtual google maps!