Woman uses ASL sign for cow.The Resource Exchange (TRE) and the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) have partnered to provide a “Tele-ASL” Class. This class is for families interested in visual language acquisition who live in the Pikes Peak Region and receive early intervention through TRE. Using Zoom video-conferencing technology, families connect by computer or tablet to learn early communication strategies in American Sign Language (ASL) related to everyday routines. The class is 7 weeks long and is co-taught by a Deaf ASL Specialist and a Communication Specialist, both who work with families who have children receiving early intervention, ages birth to three.

Two classes with 18 parents total participated in the level 1 sessions offered this past fall. Due to family request, Tele-ASL Level 2 has been added, starting this month, February 2020.

One parent notes the difference in her daughter’s communication after using visual language in the home, and the decreased pointing and screaming for communication. 

Additional parent comments from the fall classes include:

“I am not only able to teach our son who has unilateral hearing loss but our whole family. Our son has speech delay and he has improved so much since we started speech therapy with signing. Taking this class has helped so much to further help him communicate with everyone and for use to communicate with him.”

“This class has improved our lives for the better. My son’s language has developed significantly since using ASL, his communication clarity has improved. As a mother, ASL has changed my life. It’s assured me that I will be able to understand my son in all of his forms of communication; lying in bed late at night when he’s not feeling well. We won’t miss out on the chance to talk even without hearing aids in.”

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