Trevor Thomas

Man stands at the podium, interpreter to his right.CSDB students, staff and community members photo of the audience sitting and listeninghad a wonderful opportunity to listen to  presentations by Trevor Thomas. He is one of 12 professional long-hikers in the world, and the only one that is visually impaired. Trevor was not born with a visual impairment. However, he lost his vision when he was an adult. The doctor was unable to tell him exactly what happened to his vision.

Mr. Thomas learned how to use a cane and through perseverance learned how to transfer those skills to hiking. Eventually, Trevor felt that a guide dog would make a suitable companion. He applied to several guide dog schools but was declined by every single school except one. Once, he received his guide dog, he had to train it to guide him while hiking. This had never been done before!

Mr. Thomas has shown that it takes perseverance and dedication to achieve your dreams. He is an inspiration to all the students that dream beyond their diagnosis.

Thank you to the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado for co-sponsoring this presentation!