White Cane Day 2020

Panorama of the crowd in Acacia ParkWhite Cane Safety Day is October 15th! In the past, we have had marches on Platte Avenue and performances in Acacia Park, to celebrate this day. But, how many of us know what this special day means? More About White Cane Day 2020

In 1964, with bipartisan support, Congress passed a joint resolution recognizing October 15th as White Cane Safety Day, recognizing that white canes enable people who have visual impairments to travel safely and independently. Within hours, President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill into law. Most states adopted laws restricting white cane use to those with visual impairments, and other laws requiring drivers to yield right-of-way to pedestrians who were carrying white canes.

Over time, as the white cane became more of a tool for independence, the focus shifted from safety to independent ability. The increased independence that comes with proper cane use enabled the visually impaired to reach success. The cane became a symbol representing achievement!

With the current COVID-19 restrictions, CSDB’s White Cane Day Celebration will look a little different, this year. We will be hosting a virtual event, Thursday afternoon, recording the fun to share with you. Even though the meeting will be virtual, the excitement will be tangible wherever you may be!  We will have singing, poetry, dancing, a guest appearance by Chandler Williams (past CSDB graduate and songwriter), and even a “White Cane Fashion Show” in which students will show off some tactile identifiers they created to make their cane unique! Be sure to join us!!!!