Bulldog Homecoming – October 21, 2017

Homecoming goalball photos:

Referee checks NMSBVI goalball players' goggles. Cheerleaders in action. Players in between games rest on the bleachers. Players in defensive position on the gym floor.

CSDB player serves the ball. Right, two players wave at the camera. Two photos of players in goalball defense positions.
Broadcast team busy with Audio Description, Filming and Translating while goalball spectators, who are blind, use headphones to listen to the game.Coronado's cheerleaders attended the goalball game a played with on the gym floor.CSDB volleyball team rallies vs other team on the gym courtCSDB team drinks water on the bleachers during a breakCSDB volleyball team hits the ball out of boundsShot from ground-level up, inside the CSDB football huddle.CSDB teammate runs the ball past downed defenders.