CIMC Braillers

Always use the most current order form from the CIMC website. Please be sure to delete your cache and cookies on your web browser before opening the brailler order form. This will ensure your browser opens the most recent version and not a previous version that you have used.

Revised brailler policy effective July 1, 2013

One (1) new brailler will be assigned to a student registered with CIMC that has braille instruction included in their IEP (CIMC reserves the right to ask for documentation). The brailler is for school use only and is not intended for use in the student’s home setting.  The Administrative Unit (AU) or School District is responsible for any additional braillers the student may need.

New braillers issued after July 1, 2013, will have a new BLUE CIMC Barcode affixed to them. The new braillers with the new barcodes are the property of the Colorado Department of Education (CDE); they are not the property of your AU or school district.

When a student withdraws from your AU, the brailler checked out to them needs to be returned to the CIMC or your district will be invoiced for the current replacement cost of the brailler. If a student is transferring between two Colorado school districts, the first school district is required to return the brailler to the CIMC. The CIMC will then update the statewide brailler inventory. The second Colorado school district will be required to submit a new brailler order form to the CIMC. The new school district will then be re-issued the exact same brailler, with the same serial number/barcode, for use by their new student.

No braillers will be provided by the CDE/CIMC for use by TVIs, para-educators, parents, consumers, etc.

The revised order form states the terms and conditions and must be signed by the TVI and the Director of Special Education.

If you have any questions please email us.

The CIMC Brailler Order form has been included as part of the new 2020-21 Brailler, Technology, and Software Form:

2020-2021 Brailler, Technology, and Software Order Form

Brailler Order Form Plain Text

The CIMC will continue to inventory and repair braillers issued after July 1, 2013. The CIMC will not be providing a replacement brailler during the time it takes to repair the brailler. The AU/District will be expected to use their own brailler inventory while the new brailler is being repaired.

CIMC Brailler Repair Forms:

Brailler Repair Form Word Document

Brailler Repair Form PDF

Brailler Repair Form Plain Text