BtL Living and Residential Options

The tabs below explain some of the residential options available to students in the Bridges to Life Program.

Residential placement is determined based upon need, appropriateness and availability.

BtL studentsĀ start outĀ in a dorm with direct supervision. Benefits include:

-Support in improving independent living skills from dorm staff.

– Occasional evening workshops on independent living skills from dorm staff.

– Community outings and activities.

– Room & board provided (some deposits required).

BtL students who meet the criteria can opt to move into apartments on the CSDB campus.

– Dorm staff have 24-hour access, if necessary, to check on students

– Apartments have reduced rental rates, compared to off-campus living.

– Students receive real-life practice in living on a tight budget.

– Students are responsible for maintaining and cleaning apartment.

– Students are responsible for shopping and cooking.

– Staff is available to provide guidance for students, if needed.

BtL students who have successfully lived in the on-campus apartment for two months have the option of moving to an off-campus apartment near CSDB.

-The BtL program and the landlord work together on any issues that arise with students living in this apartment.

-BtL students who are ready to live independently can live in an apartment in the Colorado Springs area and commute to CSDB, work, and/or college daily.

-BtL staff will support the students through the process of searching for and selecting an apartment.

-Staff will also support the students in understanding their leases, paying bills, and budgeting throughout the year.

BtL students may choose to live at home (locally) and attend the BtL workshops each day.

-They will also have access to the educational and employment options offered to residential students.

-BtL students may also choose to live in their home communities and find a job and/or attend college there.

An advocate teacher will travel to meet with them at least twice a month to provide support services, such as:

– Finding work-study or competitive jobs

– Developing job skills

– Living independently

– Finding apartments

– Self-advocacy

– Pursuing post-secondary education.

Currently, the BtL program provides support for students living in Denver, Pueblo, Montrose, Boulder, and many other places throughout Colorado.