Employability Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

  BtL students learning to use the city bus system for transportation to and from work.

BtL students boarding the city bus.

BtL students participate in a number of activities related to a monthly theme. Students take field trips to  various locations where they receive insight into different aspects of the theme. Themes during the school year include the following: Disability Awareness, Government, Financial Responsibility, Living Arrangements, Relationships, Health, Community Service and Recreation.

August theme was related to Team Building. New students were welcomed into BtL and had the opportunity to meet their peers. Students participated in various activities promoting skills such as, leadership, communication, team work and problem solving techniques (photos 1 and 2). Students also learned about the solar eclipse and made viewers from boxes so they could safely watch the eclipse (photo 3).  The theme for September is Disability Awareness.

1. A BtL student is helping another BtL student in a wheel chair untagle his rope. 2. BtL students holding hands going through a large opened square.    3 Three BtL students working together to making a homemade eclipse box.

CSDB’s juniors spent the day with construction crews. Students participated in hands on activities, such as building, electrical, operating large machinery equipment and many other construction careers. Pictures are from last year.

student wearing hard hats working in a wood shop  students wearing hard hats outside holding up a piece of plywood  blind low-vision students looking at different types of wood

  On January 17, 2017, parents interested in the Employability Center’s On the Job Training (OJT) or Bridges to Life (BtL) Programs had the opportunity to attend a new parent workshop to receive information concerning these programs.
CSDB’s Freshman will spend the morning at local business sites, seeing first hand the different jobs available. Pictures are from last year’s event. Students look on as a Broadmoor cafeteria worker explains the different kitchen machines(photo 1). A BtL student working at Grizzly Collision and Customs stands by as a freshman holds a power tool used for the job (photo2).

students with an interpreter watching a demonstration           2  student holding a pneumatic driver

 The mission of the Steps to Success event is to connect students with adult agencies, post-secondary training and careers. Students are led to different locations based on their future plans. In the past, CSDB has hosted over 120 different agencies, representatives and speakers.  The photos below are from last year’s event. Elementary students watching videos of various staff during lunch (photo 1). Students receiving information from various vendors (photos 2 & 3).

elementary students watching a TV with teacher explaining what is happening Elementary Students receiving information from various vendors elementary student receiving information from various vendors

 Senior Decision Day is an important date for CSDB’s graduating class of 2017. On this day, May 1st, seniors will decide if they take their diploma. Seniors, who choose not to take their diploma, have the option to continue their education until they are 21 years of age in CSDB’s Bridges to Life Program or their school district’s transition program.
Registration for the AVP program at Pikes Peak Community College takes place in March. 
The Employer Appreciation and Networking Event was held on May 4, 2017. At this event, area businesses were  recognized for supporting our OJT and BtL students through CSDB’s work study program. Furthermore, each employer had the opportunity to share a brief description of the services they offer the community. Photos are from this year’s event. Employers and students sitting at tables listening to various speakers (photo 1). Superintendent Mrs. Hilty chatting with an employer (photo 2). Student sits with her employer at this event (photo 3).

1 Students and employers are sitting at tables, listening to the speakers.   2 A student introduces Superintendent Mrs. Hilty to his boss..  3 OJT student posing for a picture with her employer.