Employment and Education



– Job coaches consider each student’s career interest and attempt to match their interests with an employer who can provide practical work experience to further expand their knowledge and help them build a competitive resume.


-BtL students can work at these sites for up to twenty hours per week.


Competitive Jobs


– Students who are deemed ready for competitive jobs, part-time or full-time, will receive support in the job search process.


-Some work-study jobs have the potential to eventually become competitive jobs, depending on the employer.

Area Vocational Program


-BtL students can participate in the local Area Vocational Program (AVP), a high school program located on the campus of Pikes Peak Community College, to earn a certificate towards various hands-on careers.


Community College/Post-secondary Training


-Advocates will also assess and prepare the BtL students for various post-secondary education programs (college or vocational schools) all over the state of Colorado.


-Preparation includes supporting the BtL students through the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) process.

Campus Workshops


–BtL students can participate in workshops based in part on the Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) curriculum.


-Workshops cover all of the skills students need to succeed in finding jobs, retaining employment, and independent living.


-Other topics ranging from current events to fitness to leisure activities to car maintenance, and much more.


-BtL students keep track of their acquired skills on individual program cards. These cards assess the student’s readiness to exit the program.


-When BtL students are not working or attending college, they are required to attend workshops, which are offered everyday on the CSDB campus.

BtL students with additional disabilities participate in a similar program as their peers.


-All workshops are geared to their individual needs, and their work-study experiences happen in a group setting with a job coach always present.


-Students who have demonstrated that they are ready for more independence will be gradually transitioned into individual jobs with only occasional job coach support.