CIMC Infant Registration (birth through age 2)

Welcome to the CIMC page for Early Intervention service providers. The CIMC is directed by the Colorado Department of Education to manage a statewide database for the purpose of an annual count, and instructional materials library database. In addition, the CIMC manages the Annual Federal Quota Census registration of legally blind students through the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) Federal Quota Program.

Please use the two forms below to register every student (birth through age 2) receiving vision services from your agency:

CIMC Infant Registration- revised December 2019


CIMC Parent Consent form (English)- revised January 2020

CIMC Parent Consent Form (Spanish)



If you want the CIMC to include an infant in the Federal Quota Census (of legally blind students)  make sure you submit the Parent Consent form with Parts 1 and 2 completed. It is required that you have a current eye report or a completed CIMC MDB/FDB form *revised December 2019, signed by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist on file, verifying legal blindness.



Please complete the Exit form below when services are no longer provided, or the infant turns three years of age.

Exit form

Note: If an infant you have registered is going to continue to receive preschool services from your agency  after they turn 3 years of age or older, please submit an Exit Form to remove them from the infant account, and submit a new Registration Form (for ages 3-21) to include them in the appropriate school-aged account of both the statewide count and the Federal Quota Census count. Use the registration form on the CIMC student registration page of the website.