– Frequently Asked Questions


If a student with a hearing impariment uses speech, is it appropriate for the student to attend CSDB?

Yes.  CSDB follows the communication plan for each student that is developed as a part of the IEP process.  CSDB is a signing environment, so all students who speak are also expected to sign.

What do most CSDB graduates do after completing school?

Over 80% of students who graduate from CSDB have successfully completed their Post School Goals as identified within thier IEP.  CSDB has graduates that have successfully attended and graduated from 4 year colleges, community colleges, trade schools, as well as become competitively employed in the area of their interest.

Can a student enroll at CSDB after meeting credit requirements within their home school district?

Yes. Students can enroll in CSDB’s Bridges to Life transition program as long as they are under age 21 and have not yet been issued a diploma from their home district.  You can find more information under the Employability Center portion of our website.

Can CSDB students participate in mainstream classes?

Yes. CSDB has a partnership with Colorado Springs School District 11 to allow our students to participate in mainstream classes that are appropriate to meet their needs. Transportation to and from the mainstreamed classes, as well as any required classroom support (e.g. interpreters, Braille transcription) is provided by CSDB.

Does CSDB provide American Sign Language (ASL) classes/Do you know where I can take ASL classes?

Yes. CSDB offers beginner and intermediate sign classes for community members and parents. Registration information about the classes will be on the CSDB website when a new series of classes is offered.

Does CSDB offer services to students with hearing or vision disabilities who are not enrolled at CSDB?

Yes. A variety of services to support students who have vision and/or hearing disabilities are provided through CSDB’s Outreach Programs.