Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs are designed to benefit non-CSDB students, their families and school district staff throughout Colorado. A variety of services for students, newborn to 21 years of age, who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Visually Impaired or Deafblind are available. Outreach Programs include the following statewide services for children, students, their families and educators:

  • Early Intervention
  • School-Age Services
  • Distance Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Resources

Here is a list of Outreach Services (opens a PDF Document).

Broadcasting Partnerships

CSDB is broadcasting 30-minute segments on Colorado Springs-Comcast TV Channel 20 and Vail/Aspen-Comcast on a regular basis while Loveland/Thompson Valley  and NorthGlenn Comcast broadcast segments intermittently to provide information to local communities.  CSDB video segments tell the stories of people who are deaf/hard of hearing and blind/visually impaired, provide American Sign Language lessons to community members, and keep the community informed about CSDB activities.

Outreach Strategic Plan

The Outreach Programs is one of five areas of focus in the CSDB Strategic Plan for School Years 2016-2019 developed by stakeholders which included members of the Board of Trustees, the Administrative Team, staff, parents, students, and service providers throughout Colorado.  The  CSDB Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Plan at their meeting in May 2016.  The Strategic Plan identifies goals, objectives, action steps, and data-based outcomes for each of the focus areas.  CSDB’s Board of Trustees, Superintendent and administrative team ensure school resources align with the goals of the Strategic Plan.  Outreach team members are actively involved in achieving the identified outcomes of the Outreach Strategic Plan.  The Outreach section of the Strategic Plan can be found on pages 26-28 of this attachment, Strategic Plan 2016-2019 (opens a Word Document).