Early Literacy Events

What do parents say about Early Literacy Events?

“These events are always so great, you do a great job. Thank you”


“I loved learning about music and now I have more activities to do with my child.”


Upcoming Early Literacy Events

The Early Literacy Event teams miss your smiles and laughter!  Early Literacy Events for the remainder of the 2019-2020 School Year are canceled.  We busy planning Early Literacy Events for you coming in the early fall of 2020, as permitted.

Pikes Peak region
Contact:  Jennifer McLellan at jmclellan@csdb.org or 719.368.8304 (VP) *leave a message

families gather around for a story in ASL

Story Time!



Northern Colorado region
Contact: Kelly Doolittle at kdoolittle@csdb.org or 719.640.9184

Parents signing and watching toddlers jump on a trampoline

One, two, three! Jump!








Denver region
Contact: Jennifer McLellan at jmclellan@csdb.org or 719.368.8304 (VP) *leave a message


A link for a description of Early Literacy Events is here.