Distance Learning


CSDB Distance Learning offers a variety of programs and webcasts for students, families, professionals, and community members across the state of Colorado. 

A teacher in a public school setting shared that the experience ‘benefited my students by decreasing their feelings of isolation, giving them opportunities to interact with Deaf peers across the state and to make connections, and helping build their bilingual ASL-English literacy skills.’

Select events occurring on the CSDB campus are available for viewing through livestream broadcasts.  The events may focus parent activities and information, performances, literacy development, role model panels, or disability specific information.

Opportunities are offered for students and staff to connect and build community with peers by participating in interactive events through distance learning.  Some possibilities may be taking a class offered at CSDB through the use of video conferencing or accessing counseling support.  Individualized instruction to meet a student’s academic or social emotional needs may be provided by CSDB staff to students in areas where specialized personnel are not available.  These services would require a contract agreement between the student’s school district and CSDB.

All webcasts can be viewed by following the You Tube icon at the right of the top navigation bar of each web page.