School for the Blind

Welcome to the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, School for the Blind

In the short video above, Principal Jamie Lugo introduces the program goals and objectives for staff and students in the School for the Blind.

Principal Jamie Lugo
Administrative Assistant Kathy Bristol

What’s Happening?


May 25 No school

May 29 Fitness Workshop with the Colorado Center for the Blind

May 31 Senior Academic Awards, on campus


June 1 Senior Brunch and Graduation, on campus

June 6 Accountability Meeting 5:00 pm, on campus

June 12 FCEE Awards, Preschool Graduation

June 13 Water Party

June 14 3rd-12th Grade Academic Awards, Residential Picnic, Last Day of School for students

June 15 Professional Development Day, no students



Music at CSDB

We have been doing a unit on song-writing. We invited a professional musician to speak to the students.

Students listened to him perform his original song and they were able to ask him questions about his song-writing process.

Musician performs for students.

Musician performs for students.

In the Bulldog Band class, students are completing a song composition project. The band class interviewed a variety of composers about their composition styles and learned that every composer has a song-writing process that is unique.  The project is student-driven where students pick the style of music, topic and instrumentation for their song.   Some of the students decided to collaborate with other students for the project.  They are writing in a variety of styles (classical, blues, pop, and rock.)

Students collaborate on song-writing.

Students collaborate on song-writing.

We are excited to record all of the projects and share them with students and families. We also want to incorporate the songs into our future Spring production at CSDB.




The above videos show students learning to stay on topic, listen, and take turns in a conversation. Both videos are described for the benefit of people who are blind or visually impaired and captioned for the benefit of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.