School for the Deaf

front view of Gottlieb school building

The School for the Deaf provides a comprehensive academic program for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in grades K-12. Teachers challenge each student to achieve his/her potential in a signing environment that promotes the development of language and a positive self-concept. Annually, a team of professionals develops an individualized education plan for each student. The development of language, communication skills, critical thinking skills, appropriate social skills, and application of learned concepts are emphasized. Opportunities to mainstream in areas of strength are provided through a collaborative effort with the local public school districts.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school by phone at 719-578-2221 (v) or 719-694-2007 (VP)


Sharon Elstad Principal, Pre-School-6th Grade ~ VP 719.358.2605
Kristen Huddleston Principal, 7th Grade-12th Grade ~ VP 719.358.2240

Janet Steele Administrative Assistant ~ VP 719.694.2007 ~ Voice 719.578.2221


Pre-School – 6th Grade Teachers

Kristin Alford
Amy Bobich
Megan McKenna
Liv Polzin
AnneMarie Potente
Susan Steers
Ashley Wood

7th – 12th Grade Teachers

Allison Marcino English Language Arts
Carolyn Scott English Language Arts
Eric Bruckman History
Susie O’Hara History
Shelby Stubbe Mathematics
Tosha Daniels Science
Alma Sicinski Math/Science
Bryan Zigler Math/Science
Amy Baker OJT Teacher

Elective Teachers

Jaimie Valencia Physical Education/Health
Sabra Taylor ASL Teacher
Cory McCormick Literacy Coach
Tam Nykaza Literacy Coordinator


Nancy Hochberg
Arlyn Fajardo
Santiba Johnson
Pilar LeBlanc-Parra
Julie Walker

Support Staff

If you need to contact Support Staff (speech, counselors, Spanish liaison, etc.) Click this link 


CSDB P.R.I.D.E. (Positive Attitude, Respect, Independence, Determination and Excellence)

CSDB embraces P.R.I.D.E. as our schoolwide expectations for staff and students.

Respect is our theme for October Ashley Wood - Elementary Teacher Shelby Stubbe-Dye 7-12th Grade Ava Williams Wren Deaton Marie Padilla Ismael Velasquez

Sharon , Principal Grades Pre-School-6th


Kristen Huddleston, Principal Grades 7th-12th