7th – 12th Grade

Image of fire with 212 written across it


This school year the School for the Deaf is embracing the 212 degree challenge.  This challenge encourages staff, students and parents to think about how we can focus our efforts and give that one extra degree, allowing us to reach ultimate success!  We will be sharing stories about how both students and staff are meeting this challenge, throughout the school year.


Kristen Huddleston
Principal, School for the Deaf 7th-12th grades


We are quickly approaching March, it is hard to believe third quarter is already half-way completed.  Mid-quarter reports will be sent home, to parents of students who are struggling in classes, in the next few weeks.  Thank you to parents who came for parent-teacher conferences, we love to have opportunities to meet with you and collaborate on how we can best meet your child’s needs.  Please feel free to contact your child’s case manager if you have any questions or just wish to touch base regarding the progress of your child.

Remember that April is when state assessments are administered.  Additional information will be sent to parents as we get closer to those dates.

Stay warm and enjoy our sunny days!