three CSDB students playing goalball. Action shot of three students diving to block the ball from going in the goal.Goalball is a highly competitive sport and is played from the local school level to the Paralympic USA level internationally. Goalball is played indoors on a gym floor with two teams (three-against-three players). All players are blindfolded to ensure fairness due the varying levels of sight among players. The blindfolds (darkened goggles) ensure equality among all players.

The object is to roll a three-pound Goalball past the opposing team without them blocking it to achieve a goal. The ball has bells inside that the players listen to and track the ball.The players will jump, dive, or slide to block the goalball from entering the goal behind them. If the ball passes the players and crosses over the back line, it is considered a goal. The team with the most goals at the end of two 10 minute halves wins the game.

The players use a cord or thin rope taped to the gym floor for tactile markings to orientate themselves as to where they are on the court.

Goalball is played competitively by men and women and is a fast-paced, challenging, strategic and exciting game to both watch and participate. Goalball is the premiere sport for blind athletes.