Student Life

Five Student Having fun on Campus. Students are jumping in the air. Grass and trees in the backgroundStudent Life encompasses a wide range of activities and programs including Athletics, After School Activities, Pee-Wee Sports and a Residential (Dorm) Program. Student Life is about learning, thriving and leading outside of the classroom. Student Life staff are committed to developing a full spectrum of learning opportunities and encouraging all students to engage in activities/sports to realize his/her potential as well as acquire and master daily living skills. Students develop social skills and cherish the friendships made while participating in the activities offered through the Student Life Program and in our Residential Program where students live together in a dorm setting. Student’s benefit from the sense of a close-knit community, support from staff and peers, the positive experience of engaging in activities/sports, the richness of cultural/linguistic experience, and MORE!

Student Life After-School-Activities Permission Forms:

CSDB After School Activities Request Form Electronic

CSDB After School Activities Request Form


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