Referrals for Early Intervention Services – BVI

Referrals for home intervention are made to the family’s local CCB or to the family’s school district Child Find services by the family or medical providers such as an opthalmologist, optometrist or primary care physician.  The next step would be an assessment of the child’s needs facilitated by school district Child Find personnel in collaboration with staff from the local CCB.  If the child is determined to have needs that qualify under Early Intervention Colorado guidelines in the area of vision, a teacher of the blind/visually impaired who works for the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind would provide the home intervention services.  A medical diagnosis of a vision condition as determined by an ophthalmologist is required for a child to receive vision services.

Early intervention services continue in a home-based environment until the goals established for the child are met or the child reaches three years of age.  A transition plan for the child to enter preschool services would be developed with the family, CCB providers, staff from the local district and the teacher of the blind/visually impaired.