CSDB Information

CSDB -view of campus facing West to Pikes Peak with trees and buildings

CSDB occupies 17 buildings and sits on 37 acres. The school serves more than 500 students on campus and statewide through local districts. Of the on-campus students approximately 50% are residential. Students may live on campus if their home is outside the El Paso County area. There is no fee to attend the school, but occasionally there may be transportation costs involved. Programming today, even more than ever, builds on the strengths of the student and focuses in on preparing them for a productive life. The school offers a fully state accredited program. The educational programs emphasize academics as well as social/emotional development and recreational/leisure activities. Students may enter the post-secondary program upon completion of their graduation credits and transition into a variety of post-high school opportunities. Through its combination of academic classes, compensatory skill development, and career training, the school prepares students to meet the ever-changing future ahead.